a prince among men (rebirtha) wrote in bestoflj,
a prince among men

So what's the scoop?

This doesn't seem like a community that ought to die, but peter out it has.

Ideas? Suggestions? Should I step up and put my roving investigative eye where my 0s and 1s is?
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i say keep it going, but i'm not even a member, so much for that.

yeah, it has gone silent in recent times.
Maybe because we all know each other.

It's the kind of thing, though, that can lay on a back burner for years, only popping up every so often when we find a real nugget o' joy, see.

It's also a good idea. Shit. Don't cost nothing to keep it up. Why not keep it up?
let me join!! i have a really good journal recommendation! :-p
um...hi my name is samantha and you don't know me but i LOVE to write and u obviously do as well because it was one of your interest and i hope you don't find me to weird for putting this but i figured that we had some of the same interest in mind we could be friends.
Five years late... I just wish this community was still active.